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The new generation, "HOLE SHOT"  cavitation reducer produces all of the benefits of the others.

Plus; you DO NOT have to take the pump shaft out to install it any more!!

That's right, you do not have to remove, turn, and key the shaft to install it. Call 417-858-8616 for INFO.

These 2 videos are a comparison of a Jet Boat taking off without an inducer, and the same boat taking off with the new "HOLE SHOT" Inducer. The boat has an engine with a little over 600 HP, and a 'B" cut impeller. Notice the difference in RPM on take off, and also the time it takes to cover the same distance. Click Here to View  

To install the HOLE SHOT , either just machine .600" off the cone of the impeller. or for a smoother flow, bore a 1.750" center back .600" from the cone edge.

This does NOT ruin the impeller for future use in another application not using an inducer, as we make a stainless steel cone that will replace the machined off cone area if ever needed.

HTP Hole Shot Inducer (No machining required) (long) (includes key, shim kit, instructions)

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