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The HTP Race Gate makes the task of setting stationary on the holding rope, with the engine running, a Snap! When a Jet Boat has a true race nozzle on it, it has No Reverse. However, many people would like to have reverse when testing, tuning, docking or loading a boat. Some boaters race on Sunday and like to go to the lake other times. HTP has developed a set of elbow attachments, which slip onto the ends of the HTP Race Gate with two simple push button locking pins and give the boat a reverse that is better than most stock reverses, while also retaining the race nozzle. This gives the boater the best of two worlds. You can race it with the HTP Race Gate, or run it on the lake With your race nozzle and still have a good reverse for ease of operation by just putting on the two elbows and push lock pins. Come race day, just pull the two pins and remove the elbows. The HTP Race Gate has actuation levers on both sides to make it fit most all nozzles, as well as double pin holes to accommodate manual cable, pneumatic, or hydraulic controls. The extra lever can be removed for weight concerns if necessary. The HTP Race Gate will fit Berkeley, Dominator, American Turbine, Legend, HM, HTP Race Nozzles and Place Diverter nozzles.