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Specialized in Jet Boats

  We specialize in jet boats. We offer parts and kits for the "do it your-selfer", complete pump overhauls, and specialize in racing jets. We have been in the jet boat business for over 53 years and developed many innovative products for the industry. 

The Place for "JETAWAY" Pump Release

HI-PERFORMANCE Custom Boats & Pumps is also the place for sales, service, and installation of the "JETAWAY" pump release. From Dominator pump parts, Berkeley 12-JC, JG, JE, JF pumps, and most major jet boat pump parts, we can handle it all. 

We Build Jet Pumps

Our experience spans many years. We have perfected pump modifications and custom parts production to enhance the performance of your jet boat. We work on everything from stock ski-boats and cruisers to race pumps!

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Hole Shot Videos

These 2 videos are a comparison of a Jet Boat taking off without an inducer, and the same boat taking off with the new "HOLE SHOT" Inducer.

The boat has an engine with a little over 600 HP, and a 'B" cut impeller. Notice the difference in RPM on take off, and also the time it takes to cover the same distance.